ZhenWei's Gm Application

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ZhenWei's Gm Application

Post  zhenwei on Wed Nov 12, 2008 3:40 am

You need 5 posts I have more then 5 post already
your char must be lvl 80+ i'm lvl 90
you must have more then 10m I have 23m Now
1. In-Game Nick ZhenWeiTheCruz
2. Hamachi Nick Zhenwei
3. E-Mail zhenwei2972@hotmail.com
4. Why You Want Be GM I would like to host some events help people exchange gems and stuffs and i make sure no GMs help players in anyway or i will Report em to u Selfi and of cource i wont do it myself wahahah
5. What Can You Do For Game I can help the Game by making sure that nobody cheats or get help from GM and i can help player exchange gems and stuffs
6. Little Info About You very active im from singapore which is in timezone +8GMT
7. How Old Are You 11 umh turning 12 in 2 months
8. Your Character Picture. cheez Current Picture
Very Happy Very Happy hope u liked this Oh and a side note i know all GM Commands and i have been playing Top/PKO for 1.5 years but i know more then those people who play for like 2 years cause i was in PKO's top guild


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