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1. In-Game Nick
have to start new char, but maybe Keep
2. Hamachi Nick
3. E-Mail
4. Why You Want Be GM
i see alot of G.M's in many servers just sitting around doing nothing when they are online. just want to be of use.
5. What Can You Do For Server
answer questions, help in events, come up with alot of ideas of which only a few might be possible, hopefully keep or maintaine order.
6. Little Info About You
college student, have my monday and wednesday mornings off and all day friday off. like to play volleyball, football, not soccer. i write alot,
hoping to publish a book before i graduate college. like studying people and what they do, its always fun to watch people and see what
they do. (no im not a stalker). spend alot of my time playing TOP/PKO. have a girlfriend who is 2 years younger than me. (^^ not jailbait)
6 feet tall, reletivly ok looking, (though i'd like to say awesomely smexy)
7. How Old Are You
20 years old
8. Your Character Picture.
he got deleted. and server is down so i cant even make a new char yet. T_T

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