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Loulou For GM

Post  Louice on Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:36 am

1.For Obvius reasons i dont have any yet.

2. Louice

3. jimpa93@gmail.com

4. Well, Actually, I'm just lazy.
Since i started school i got no time to grind to those high lvls, be at each ca, each dw, and so on...
And yea, top/pko/kop (whatever), isnt fun if ure not doing all that stuff, its not fun if ure not in one of the top 2 guilds and being one of the best players on the server.
So basicly, i'd like to be gm for the fun, and yea, i could have written "i like to help" or whatever, but seriusly, why start lying?

5. Well, Actually, I know barely nothing,(and im not gonna pretend that i do), about DB or server files whatssoever.
(I do have my own server too tho, but only for some testing.)
I therefor could only help in-game, but there im way more experienced.
I can arrange events, help players, and ye, the normal in-game stuff that u all know what i mean whit. Razz
I know most of the commands, and the ones i dont i can easily check up.

6. My name is Louice, And im a 15 year old girl from middle sweden, (And ye, iam 15, i could have said 25 and i bet u would belive me, as i noticed that many people that i have knewn from the internet often dont belive me when i say im only 15.) I know english good, and i doubt u'll have any trouble whit understanding me.
I've been playing TOP since open beta, left it in april when privatia server came out.
Played on privatia server for around 2 months, then ir reopened as Red Squid, i played there for awhile, and was one of thier GM's.
So, i bet, that i've been playing on private servers longer then most of u. (atleast TOP private servers =P)

7.^As said above - 15, But PLEASE, dont judge me by my age or else ill go nuts Twisted Evil

8. Well, no pic from the char on this server yet so i'll just post a old one. Rolling Eyes


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